Lake Eola at night.

Asset Management?  I thought we were talking about managing the Association?

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Yes, we are talking about the Association --- except that at Morbitzer Communities, we see it as Asset Management.

Why can Morbitzer Communities handle this Asset (this Association) any differently than any other management company currently in the marketplace?

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Because your Asset (the Association) is handled exclusively by the principal at Morbitzer Communities: Tina Morbitzer.

What about Unit Owner Delinquencies?

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There's a non-stop approach to this very difficult issue at Morbitzer.

Why is the principal so available to the unit owners

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I designed this company that way. 

What background are you buying, when you bring Morbitzer to your Association?

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You bring the depth of experience of two professionals: Tom and Tina Morbitzer.  We ran our property management company successfully, enabling us to sell it to the largest real estate brokerage in the world.

What services will Morbitzer Communities provide?

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We provide Administrative, Maintenance and Unit Owners services.

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